Unacceptable Conduct & Disorderly Conduct Policy

Girvan Football Club

Unacceptable Conduct Policy

Girvan Football Club is a member of the Scottish Junior Football Association, West of Scotland Football League and The Scottish Football Association.

Girvan Football Club will not tolerate unacceptable conduct from the Clubs employees, volunteers, committee members, players or supporters at Hamilton Park or at any other away football stadia.

We aim to create and maintain an environment where spectators can enjoy the game of football, safe in the knowledge that they are free from all forms of harassment, abuse, unacceptable or disorderly conduct including racism and sectarianism.

This policy applies for any football matches or events within Hamilton Park Girvan.

We condemn racism in any form, either on or off the pitch. Girvan Football Club aims to create and maintain a working and spectating environment free from racial harassment and abuse. Everyone connected with Girvan Football Club has a responsibility to prevent racial harassment or abuse.

Any supporters (home or visiting) who’s behaviour is unacceptable will face eviction from the ground and their actions will be reported to the police. Season ticket holders who conduct themselves in this manner face having their season ticket revoked and all spectators face the prospect of a life ban from Hamilton Park.

Everyone associated with the Club has a responsibility to prevent and discourage any form of abuse and as such are responsible not only for their own actions but also those of others. We would therefore encourage everyone to bring to the Club’s attention, any incident or behaviour, of individuals or groups of individuals, deemed to be in breach of this policy.


  • Removal from Hamilton Park or away stadium
  • Suspension from attending home matches involving Girvan Football Club
  • Indefinite ban from attending home matches involving Girvan Football Club
  • Suspension or ban from holding Girvan Football Club membership
  • Suspension or ban from the Girvan Football Club Committee
  • Suspension or ban as a Player or Coach from the Girvan Football Club
  • Report to the police and possible criminal proceedings.

Signed  – The Committee – Girvan FC

Reviewed      26th April 2021

Next review   25th April 2022