The History of Football in Girvan dates back to 1874 and consists of some 8 teams of various names and having played out of 3 seperate venues.

The first team was called Girvan F.C. and they were founded in 1874 but only lasted to 1882, they played at Stair Park in Girvan and they wore Navy Blue Shirts and White Long Shorts.
This team also entered the Scottish Cup for the first time in 1876 only two years after the competition started, they competed in the Cup up till 1881.
Records also show that the Town also had another Senior Club which was founded in 1875 – 76 by the name of Girvan Ailsa F.C.

No team existed until 1884 when again Girvan F.C. was founded, but this team folded in 1887.
It would be another 5 years before Girvan Athletic F.C. was formed in 1892 and this team lasted until 1939.
Incredibly during this period Girvan had 3 teams playing in the town, the other two playing at Junior Level.
Girvan Athletic F.C. played in Light Blue Jerseys from 1892 – 1909 they then changed colours to Blue and Gold until 1912 when they changed colours again to Black and Gold through to 1917.
They wore Black and Red until 1921 and again changed colours to Blue and Gold right up to they were disbanded in 1939 presumably because of the Second World War, it seemed strange however that they played for most of the First World War.
This team entered the Scottish Cup in 1892 – 1897 and again in 1923, indeed this was the most successfull Scottish Cup team having managed to reach the 3rd Round.
Records show that they played in The Scottish Combination League between 1908 and 1911 and were crowned Joint League Champions with Nithsdale Wanderers F.C. in 1910.
The only other record shows that they entered the Scottish Alliance League in 1939 but the League was never completed that year.
One team was called Girvan Athletic Juniors F.C. and were founded in 1910 but only lasted one year till 1911 this team was Girvan’s first Junior Club.
The other team was called Girvan F.C. and was founded in 1922 – 1929 becoming Girvan’s second Junior side, they played in the South Ayrshire Junior Football League Division 2 in the 1926 – 1927 season and were promoted to the 1st Division playing in this League until 1929.
In 1944 the current team was formed again as Girvan Amatuers F.C. and once again as a Senior Club, changing their name to Girvan F.C. in 1978.
Between 1944 – 1961 their colours were all white and then changing colours to all Royal Blue.
They played in the South of Scotland League between 1950 – 1962 and again between 1975 – 2004 when once again they joined the Junior set up for the third time.